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Why Choose Us?


Gift an unforgettable EXPERIENCE!

Gifts bought off the shelf expire or get old, worn out, and outdated. Sometimes they just get transferred from shelf to shelf from the one in the shop to the one in your home! And they are easily forgotten! Because you see them on that shelf every day, you tend to look through them.
  • Magistic and Showboat Gift Vouchers are unforgettable experience gifts.
  • They combine amazing experiences of luxury, sightseeing, fine dining and cruising.
  • Magistic and Showboat cruises provide the best of Sydney Harbour experiences.

EASY, simple, priceless gifts!

Hunting for, selecting and buying the right gifts for the right people can be tedious tasks, when done, never leave you satisfied! They always leave you wondering whether you made the right choice after all! And what if they don't reach the recipients at the right time?
  • Magistic and Showboat gift vouchers can be bought and redeemed on line.
  • Buy online and receive the gift voucher via email instantly.
  • Or mail the gift voucher directly to whom it is meant for.

Best experiences to CHOOSE from!

Sydney Harbour is amazing during the day and spectacular during the night! Choose a lunch cruise to gift an experience of the harbour during the day with wonderful sightseeing! Choose a dinner cruise to gift an experience of the harbour at night with its millions of glittering lights! To top it all, the food is freshly prepared on board by a team of expert chefs!

Buy direct and SAVE!

Why buy from a third party and pay him commission? Buy directly from the supplier and save! Still better, buy directly online and
  • save money
  • save time
  • save effort
  • and get your seat confirmed immediately!

A gift that YOU will be remembered for!

A memorable experience stays fresh in the mind forever! So gift an exciting experience and, no matter how many years pass by, the experience is relived every time it is remembered - which will be always! Not like those gifts perching on the shelves gathering dust over the years!

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